About Me

I’ve been animating professionally since 2008. Got my start animating some of the first 3d Facebook games; gradually moved on to mobile, pc, and now console games. While I’ve loved Pixar since Toy Story (which animator hasn’t?), some of my biggest animation influences actually come from video games like: LoZ:Wind Waker, the Metal Slug series, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Earth Worm Jim, and Team Fortress 2.

Before I became an animator, my original love was designing and building games. Though I don’t technically hold the title of game designer, I inject game design into all of my animations. I’ve always been of the strong belief that animation should enhance gameplay, not hinder it. I spend almost as much time animating as I do in the engine itself! I hope to continue doing what I love for many years to come.

My reason for creating this blog is to share my knowledge in hopes to inspire others. Thanks for stopping by!


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